Imaginary episode: Simpson and Personalized Portraits on

Puntata immaginaria: Simpson e i Ritratti Personalizzati su

The episode opens with Marge flipping through a magazine and discovering an ad for a website called , which promises personalized portraits created with advanced technology. Curious, she shares the discovery with the rest of the family, who decides to try the service. They enter their photos and are amazed by the quality and creativity of the portraits they receive. Homer decides to order a giant portrait of himself for the office, while Bart and Lisa order some for their friends at school.

Word quickly spreads throughout Springfield, and soon everyone in town is obsessed with GetMeYellow . The site becomes a local sensation, with citizens competing to get the most unique and creative portraits.

Meanwhile, Mr. Burns discovers that digital portraits can be a way to improve his public image and orders a series of portraits that portray him in a flattering way. However, things take a comedic turn when Burns discovers that his portraits have been created with a filter that makes him look ridiculous rather than dignified.

Lisa becomes concerned about the city's obsession with superficial appearance and decides to investigate the site. He discovers that GetMeYellow is run by a disillusioned artist who created the site to fund his true artistic interests. Lisa convinces him to show his real art to the city, hoping that it would shift people's attention away from superficial digital portraits.

With an impromptu art exhibition, the artist presents his works to the city, which initially reacts with confusion, but then with appreciation. The Simpson family reflects on the lessons learned about the importance of true, authentic art over the instant gratification provided by technology. The episode ends with the family posing for a traditional portrait painted by the artist, appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of handmade art.