The 10 best simpsons episodes to watch before you die

I 10 migliori episodi dei simpson da vedere prima di morire

10 best simpsons episodes to watch

From the first to the twentieth season

The Simpsons are like chocolate, you can't get enough of it: you start it, you think it's fantastic, it relaxes you and gives you pleasure. Then you go back to eating it once, twice, three times and you get indigestion. The chocolate becomes tasteless and you find it less tasty. Believe me, to make this ranking I had to abuse it until my retina burst.

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Before starting this article I didn't realize the amount of work that such a classification would entail. There are millions of ratings of the best Simpsons episodes and just as many different opinions on the internet.

I was trying to make an objective ranking. The important thing is not the ranking that I like, but the one that you like! (I'm writing this article for you, so it's YOUR ranking).

And here is the result, after weeks of work, the best ranking of episodes.

1: Terror on the Lake (Season 05 Episode 02) -1994
The reference episode for fans of the series. This episode contains all the ingredients that made the series a success.

Sideshow Bob writes a letter by candlelight.
Sideshow Bob's murderous obsession with Bart at its peak.

There were two different writing teams
Too short an episode at first, but full of great gags

2: Who Shot Mr. Burns (Season 06 Episode 25) -1996
The most inventive and interactive episode of the series

Mr. Burns collapses on the town's sundial and the citizens watch.
Through a series of clues, the authors ask the audience to find out who killed Mr. Burns.

It resumes the narrative system of the Dallas series.

3: Homer's Enemy (Season 08, Episode 23) - 1998
The best self-criticism of the show's writers.

Frank Grimes is invited into the living room by Homer Simpson and his family.
A new character that makes us rediscover the true situation of Homer Simpson.

A big risk for fans
An episode perceived badly by fans at the beginning
An episode that has become an example of self-criticism of American society
The merits
Homer's gags
Grimes' disturbing change in attitude
The tragic and exceptional ending

4: Homer vs. New York (Season 09 episode 01) - 1998
A nice discovery of the city.

Homer Simpson is pissed off about all the fines for his car parked at the World Trade Center.
The Simpson family visits New York and has a very different experience.

A critique of New York City
A faithful reproduction of New York
The World Trade Center Conspiracy Theory

5: The Monorail (Season 04, Episode 12) - 1993
One of the writers' favorite episodes of the show.

Lanley, Leonard Nimoy and Marge in front of the monorail with Homer and Bart inside.
The city invests in a dangerous new project, the Monorail.

A reference introduction for the other seasons
The best episode according to the writers
A famous appearance by Leonard Nimoy aka Spock

6: The Twilight Zone (Season 08, Episode 10) - 1997
The episode for fans of The X-files and the supernatural.

The X-Files cast as the Simpsons displaying their FBI agent cards on Homer's front door.
A supernatural story with The X-Files characters as guest stars.

Real American X-Files actors lent their voices to their characters
The positive aspects
The episode with the most memes on the internet
A hilarious scene with the lie detector
An episode for X-files fans
The Scooby-Doo ending

7: Simpson Horror Show V (Season 06 Episode 06) -1995
The best Halloween episode but also the scariest!

Homer goes completely crazy in the mansion in front of Marge.
A very successful parody of a classic horror film.

An episode that was almost censored

8: Homer the Great (Season 06 Episode 12) - 1995
The episode with the most memorable music of the series.

Homer wants to join the brotherhood of stonemasons.
Homer joins an ancient secret society he never knew existed.

9: Strike at the Power Plant (Season 04, Episode 17) - 1993
An iconic episode of the series: all the fundamentals of the show are brought together.

Homer Simpson is awakened by striking workers at the nuclear power plant.
The plant goes on strike and Homer is appointed union representative.

A reference to a play
Full of joy
But there are also a lot of very dark jokes
An episode full of music
Nice references

10: A World Too Perfect (Season 08 Episode 02) -1997
Meet the best temporary character on the show: Scorpio!

Hank Scorpio uses a flamethrower.
Homer is hired in a new city by a very special boss.

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What I love about The Simpsons is the repetition, the self-deprecation and the absurd stories! You can never predict what will happen by watching the beginning of an episode.

It takes a long time to watch everything because there are so many episodes!

And that's the magic of The Simpsons: it's the "Mega Series with a Universe." The secondary characters are so consistent with each other that they give depth to every scene. With a brief appearance, if you know the character, you suddenly understand the meaning of the scene.

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