Harry Potter: 5 secrets you didn't know (and should know)

Harry Potter segreti saga

With its magic, characters, intrigue and breathtaking scenery, the Harry Potter saga has enchanted millions of readers and viewers around the world. However, behind the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione, there are well-kept mysteries that all true fans should know.

In this article we will reveal 5 secrets of the most magical saga of all time, which will make the experience even more special and engaging. Let's go.

1. Remus Lupine and the full moon night

It is September 1, 1993, Harry boards the Hogwarts Express and meets Remus Lupine for the first time: new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor - and great friend of Lily and James Potter, Harry's father, and Sirius Black , who turns out to be Harry's godfather.

Attacked by a werewolf at the tender age of 5, Remus in turn becomes a werewolf and, for this reason, once a month he is forced into this transformation, always emerging tired, injured and exhausted.

In fact, when Harry and the other students meet him on the train, Lupine is sleeping, wrapped in torn clothes, precisely because of the transformation he has just undergone. Rowling's brilliant detail, which almost no one knows, is that September 1, 1993 was actually a full moon night .

2. Why does Harry wear glasses?

Harry Potter's glasses made history. A round lens and thin frame that we all know. But why did the child prodigy wear them? The explanation is revealed by Rowling herself in an interview, in which she clarifies that:

"Because I had glasses throughout my childhood and adolescence, and I was tired of the stereotype of the smart person with glasses. I wanted a hero who wore a pair instead."

The use of glasses therefore also has a social function : sending a positive message to children who need it. Because if a hero wears them, the perception of them changes completely and the pair of glasses becomes something "cool" to wear without problems.

3. The Secret of Albus Dumbledore: spoiler, he's gay

Loved and respected, Albus Dumbledore is among the most powerful wizards in the saga, as well as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Always on the side of the "good", Albus in his youth fell in love with the fascinating Gellert Grindelwald , one of the most feared Dark wizards of all time, who he later defeated in a legendary duel.

Homosexuality confirmed by JK Rowling herself in a 2007 interview, in which she stated bluntly: " Dumbledore is gay ". A feature that made him even more modern and human in the eyes of fans.

4. Rowling's tribute to Natalie McDonald

Sorting the Sorting Hat is a pivotal moment in life at Hogwarts. An annual ceremony that divides students into the school's four houses : Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

In the book the Goblet of Fire we remember Natalie Mc Donald, a girl assigned to the Gryffindor house. What not everyone knows, however, is that Natalie is a real character . A little Canadian Harry Potter fan suffering from leukemia.

Aware that she had not been able to read the ending of the saga, a friend of her mother sent a letter to Rowling in which she was asked to reveal the details of the novels not yet released, so that Natalie could enjoy them.

Having died at the age of 9, even before Rowling could respond to the letter, Natalie never knew how the saga ended. However, the author, as a tribute, decided to include her in the fifth book, in which she appears when she is sorted into Gryffindor, for the immense courage with which she faced the disease.

5. JK Rowling and Harry Potter were born on the same day

Harry Potter and JK Rowling were born on the same day. Precisely on July 31st . A birthday that little Harry, due to the wickedness of his uncles, will not celebrate until he is 11 years old, when a large man named Rubeus Hagrid will give him his first cake, at the same time revealing his incredible magical powers.

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