Homer Simpson: 5 hidden curiosities you didn't know

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic characters in the history of cartoons. In fact, for decades he has entertained us with his extravagant adventures in the very famous series "The Simpsons". But how much do we really know about him?

We are ready to reveal 5 surprising curiosities about Homer Simpson, patriarch of the best-known yellow family in the world, delving into aspects of his personality and his origins, going behind the scenes of the show.

Homer's (real) voice

Dan Castellaneta is the talented voice actor of Homer Simpson. His skills have made this character one of the most recognizable and beloved on television.

Working on The Simpsons since their creation in 1989, Castellaneta has also provided the voices of many other characters in the series, including Krusty the Clown, gardener Willy and Mayor Quimby. His versatility is evident in how he perfectly captures Homer's humor, personality, and emotions, helping to make the show an enduring success.

In his Italian version however, the big yellow man was voiced by Tonino Accolla , at least until his death, giving way to Massimo Lopez .

The Secret of Hair

Homer Simpson

Homer's physical appearance is easily recognizable, especially the lock of hair that surrounds his almost bald head. But what do those two " M "s on the sides of the head mean?

They are a small homage to Matt Groening : Homer's designer. This is a small creative addition that made the character even more unique and connected to his creator.

How much does Homer Simpson earn?

Although everyone knows that Homer Simpson, since the third episode of the series, works as a safety inspector at the Springfield nuclear power plant owned by Mr. Burns, almost no one knows his salary . A detail that the authors didn't bother to reveal.

However , The Atlantic took care of shedding light on the matter and, with great precision, specified that Homer earns 479.60 dollars a week for an annual income of around 25 thousand dollars . Mistery solved.

The uncanny resemblance to Krusty the Clown

Over the course of their thirty-year career, The Simpsons have created an infinite number of characters, all characteristic and with extravagant characteristics. Everyone except Homer and Krusty the Clown , who have appeared almost identical since the show's origins. Particularly when, in episode 15 of season 6 "Homer the Clown", we see the clown without makeup.

A similarity that is anything but a causality. In fact, according to TikToker lwham, there would be a much deeper reason behind this design choice. "This similarity is a key element to the relationship between Krusty, Homer and Bart, because while Bart shows no respect for his father and acts like a brat [Brat in English ed.], he idolizes Krusty the Clown," he explained lwham.

Words confirmed by The Simpsons father himself Matt Groening, who during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2007 declared: "The original idea behind Krusty the Clown was that it was Homer in disguise, but Homer still couldn't get no respect from his son, who loved Krusty instead. If you look at Krusty, he's just Homer with long hair and a quiff . We were in such a rush at the beginning of the series that I thought: Oh, this is too complicated, so we left it lose. But when I look at Krusty, I think: Yes, that's Homer.

Inspiration from the Father

When Matt Groening had to develop the main character of "The Simpsons", he decided to take inspiration from someone very close to him: his father, Homer Groening . Although the TV character shares a name with Matt's father, the designer has always stressed that Homer is only loosely based on his father, and many of the features and situations in the series are the result of pure fantasy.

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